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For over a decade, Excellent Nanny Service has taken pride into the quality of our staff, and we represent only the most qualified of professionals. We are dedicated to assisting families in finding well-trained, dedicated and professional individuals to meet their Childcare standards.

Our Company

Excellent Nanny Service, LLC has cultivated an unmatched reputation of exceptional customer service, discretion, rigorous screening, and a true passion for understanding the individual family dynamics and needs of our clients.

Mission Statement

We are devoted to building relationships, supporting our clients at each stage of life, and helping the households we staff achieve work life balance. Our approach to domestic staffing is transparent, cohesive and meticulous.


Whether you are hiring a nanny, housekeeper, baby nurse, house manager, or an occasional babysitter, you can be confident that Excellent Nanny Service, LLC will provide the best in household staffing.