Let’s Get Real About Breastfeeding

When I saw this post I was taken back by the transparency of the author. As a business owner of a Nanny Service, I see it all!!!!!

When you have a baby, you get smashed over the head multiple times by the ‘breast is best’ mantra.

It can be stressful and annoying to feel like the whole world is judging you about how you choose to feed your baby.

It’s understandable the health authorities want to encourage women to breastfeed, because it’s clearly what nature intended, but I think we need to take the pressure down a notch or two. Let’s understand this , growing a human being inside of you for 9/10 months isn’t an easy task. Then to have the added pressure of being the only person to feed the baby isn’t always easy. So let’s ALL be a little more supportive and encouraging to the moms of today.