Hourly minimum (per day) : Our Agency has a four (4) hr consecutive minimum.


…normally covers the temporary care of a child or children, typically in an evening when the parents have a social engagement. We pride ourselves on the quality of babysitters that we provide. Using a childcare or babysitting agency ensures all the proper checks take place, for your peace of mind.

A Nanny :

…is a professional who holds a diploma or certificate in childcare that typically requires up to two years of study and/or have the equivalent in work experience, demonstrated by high references. A Nanny is responsible for the cognitive, emotional, social, and physical development of the children under her care, thus providing a safe and stimulating environment. They will take sole or shared charge with the mother performing all “nursery duties”- preparing bottles, childrens’ meals, school runs, and tidying of the rooms and toys used by children. Nannies will supervise with homework when required and organize age appropriate games and activities in order to enhance the scholastic and social growth of the children under her care.

Nanny For Newborn:

One of our specialties is placements with newborn babies. We take special care in presenting only those candidates who are seasoned in infant care with strong newborn experience /references/background. Often new parents request that we send candidates who can share their seasoned knowledge as well as answer concerns and queries new parents may have about baby care along with various stages of growth and development.

Baby Night Nurse:

We place “night” nannies who can work with newborns, preemies and premature twins.

Twin & Multiple Nanny Specialist:

Nannies who are pros in handling more than one infant of the same age at the same time. Our twin /multiple experts can eventually help work toward putting your baby twins/multiples on a schedule i.e. naps at the same time, waking up together, feeding at the same time.

After School/ All American College Nanny/Gopher:

Another popular placement is the all American education college major or college graduate student or recent college grad who works after school shift hours. These cost efficient candidates with strong nanny/babysitting background/references all through college serve a wide range of duties including picking the kids up from school (they often have their own safe vehicles), driving them to activities, tutoring the kids with homework, cooking dinner and or food prep. In addition, they also take on other house manager/ household tasks such as grocery shopping, pet care, errands, laundry and cleaning chores.

Combo Nanny/Housekeeper/House Manager:

This “do it all” nanny who crosses over into house manager /housekeeper realm of chores is popular among families whose children are growing older and beginning to attend school either part of the day or all day. Aside from performing all the typical and traditional child care duties such as engaging the kids, cooking and driving them to and from school and activities, this nanny also performs house manager/ housekeeper tasks such as grocery shopping, cleaning, pet care, laundry and more. Some Combo nannies are willing and capable of taking on all the detailed deep cleaning of the home while others will do more household maintenance in between weekly cleaning service.

Two Shift Before & After School Nanny:

Oftentimes we place flexible nannies who are close in location to your home and willing to do a two shift duty which includes an early morning A.M. shift (dress the child, breakfast, transport to school) and then return for an after school P.M. shift in which she or he typically picks the children up from school, drives them to after school activities and engages them, may help with homework, feeds them dinner. This search is very intense as there is a smaller pool of candidates willing to do this type of schedule.

Special Needs Nannies:

We have a pool of nannies experienced in caring for special needs children with Autism, ADHD, learning / speech delays, hearing loss, diabetes, hypoglycemia & other issues, including severe delays.


Mother’s Helper’s Nanny helps out a stay-at-home parent or a family needing extra help while they are home. A Mother’s Helper mostly works under some supervision to handle all aspects of child care, errands, easy meal preparation and light house work pertaining to the children. Day-to-day duties may vary with a Mother’s Helper, as the more accurate job description will be to “perform duties as per the family’s needs.” This job is very flexible, may be either part-time or full-time, live in or live out, and may be an hourly or salaried position. A growing use of a Mother’s Helper is for parents who telecommute (work from home), home-school children, or have a home-based business which is a great Nanny Service in Service.

Babysitting and Nanny Services

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