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Winter Family Time!

Winter Family Time!

Oh what a wonderful time of year it is?! What a wonderful timeeeeee!

Hello family dinners, cozy socks, snuggle time and chilly weather!

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First, let us disclose a couple of things about the Excellent Nanny Service. We are based in Savannah, Georgia but service different cities all over the United States, so our nannies are accustom to various weather conditions. It is our mission to provide honest, trustworthy nannies that share the same values as the Excellent Nanny Service.

Having fun as a family is vital, but creating an everlasting bond takes importance. Without being able to forge those bonds, winter time activities have no substance. Keeping that in mind, here are a couple of suggestions that will make the winter a memorable one for all of the family members involved.

Christmas movies! Grinch me please! Watching endless Christmas movies, paired with some good food, hot chocolate, blankets, and all the family around the tv is a perfect way to spend some days (and nights!) with the family. Here is a list of Christmas movies on Netflix:

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Christmas lights! Please please please! Haven’t you ever wondered who has the best lights in the city? Drive around and look at all the decorations and don’t forget the car snacks along the way.

Baking! Christmas cookies, gingerbread houses, frosted pretzel rods, and even fruitcakes are the way to go. Instead of buying gifts for people this holiday season, try giving out baked goods to grandma and grandpa.

Create an event calendar! Giving your children something to look forward to every day is a great idea, not only that, but making it together will give you that bonding time you’ve been looking for.

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Visit Santa! Heyyy Saint Nick! Go to your local mall to see when Santa will be there and pose with him to make a great holiday card. There are even local Christmas parades to go and see Santa in all of his glory. Pssttt! He might even have some elves with him.

Host a holiday party! Do I hear ugly Christmas sweater theme? Go ahead and host the holiday party that gives everyone a chance to get together. Have contests, sing, laugh and exchange gifts. It’s the perfect time to see everyone at once and spread that seasonal love.

Volunteer! Don’t forget to give back into the community during this joyous time in the year. Giving back is a great way to be reminded that everyone doesn’t have the same things we sometimes take for granted. Go volunteer at your local soup kitchen, donate clothes, build a house with Habitat for Humanity, register people to vote, organize games and activities for children in hospitals or homeless shelters, and why stop there?! The opportunities are endless!

Make homemade presents! DIY hot-chocolate kit? Yes! Need we say more? Here is the link:

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10 Ways to Stay Safe at the Waterpark

Water parks across the country are the hot spots for people to cool off and beat the heat in the summer. All these water attractions, cooling sprays, waves, and wild rides are great fun, but it’s important to stay safe when you’re visiting a water park. So, before you head off to your local water park, make sure to read over our 10 ways to stay safe.

1. Dress for the day.

You’ll be outside, in the heat, most of the day. You need to dress appropriately to keep from getting sunburned, experiencing heat stroke, or getting dehydrated. This includes wearing water shoes, a hat and a loose t-shirt when you need a break from the water, and sunglasses. Be sure to keep a close eye on younger children and monitor how much time they have in the direct sunlight.

2. Wear sunscreen.

Along those same lines, be sure to apply waterproof sunscreen 30 minutes before you arrive at the park and reapply it throughout the day. Waterproof sunscreen needs to be reapplied every 80 minutes if you’ve been in the water, especially if you’ve dried yourself off with a towel in between applications. The FDA also recommends using a lip balm with SPF 15 or higher while in the sun.

3. Stay hydrated.

Being in the sun all day and playing in the water can get your body dehydrated rather quickly. Drink plenty of water and try to avoid any caffeinated sodas or drinks with artificial sweeteners. These beverages will contribute to dehydration, so water is always your best option. You’ll need more water than you usually drink when inside because you’ll perspire out a lot of the hydration.

4. Keep an eye on your kids.

You need to know where your kids are at all times at the water park. Even if there is a lifeguard on duty, don’t depend on them. Always watch your children or be in the water with them. Lifeguards are responsible for scanning large areas and can sometimes miss things. Plus, it’s not their responsibility to baby sit children and should only be used in case of emergencies, which you don’t want to encounter.

5. Know the four “toos.”

There are some “toos” that can quickly turn to dangerous circumstances if not monitored correctly. Don’t get too tired, too cold, too far from safety, or too exposed to sun. If you notice your children mentioning any of things or if your instincts tell you the family has been in the sun too long, take a break in a shady spot or go indoors.

6. Wear a life vest.

According to an American Red Cross survey, 30 percent of parents think floaties are an appropriate substitute for supervision. No matter how old your children are, a life vest should be worn and an adult should supervise at all times.

7. Know the rules.

Each park has different rules, so be sure to read all posted signs before sending your children off to enjoy the fun. Water parks are filled with different features and slides, each appropriate for different ages. Read all safety procedures and precautions relating to height, age, swimming ability, and medical condition. Be sure to follow the rules and ask the lifeguards or staff if you have any questions.

8. Don’t run around the pool.

It’s easy to get caught up in the excitement, but it’s important to remember not to run around the park to keep everyone safe. Running on slippery decks or sidewalks can be very dangerous. Avoid an unnecessary trip to the emergency room for stitches or a broken leg by simply walking instead of running while in the park.

9. Know how to swim.

Every member of the family should at least know the swimming basics before going to the water park. The best thing for anyone to do to stay safe in water is to know how to swim. Both adults and children should know how to swim to help avoid drowning accidents. Teach them at home if you have a backyard pool, or consider signing your children up for swimming lessons to help get them comfortable.

10. Keep young children in shallow areas.

There are different areas with varying water depth levels at most water parks. Keep younger children and toddlers in the shallow play areas. Most water parks have zero-depth entry pool with sprays, fountains, and water games that may be better suited for your younger children than going on any of the water slides or in the pool.
What safety tips do you have for water park fun?

50 Exciting Activities for Summer Fun

It’s almost here! “It’s summertime and the living is easy.” Sam Cooke sang it and we lived it—long lazy summer days filled with simple pleasures and homemade fun. Turn off the television, put away the video games and share these old-fashioned traditions with your Nanny or Babysitter. With 50 activities, games, pastimes and ideas, there’s bound to be something on our list that will inspire a trip down memory lane. Take your children along and help them build some wonderful memories of their own.
1. Run through a sprinkler💦.
2. Have a bubble gum blowing contest, then take turns reading the Bazooka comics aloud.
3. Play some Beach Boys music🎶🎶.
4. Organize the neighborhood into teams for a game of stickball🏒🏐. Okay, you can use a regular ball and bat, but pick-up games were a daily event in summers gone by. Stickball, kickball or volleyball—the point is simply to have a ball.
5. Still popular with today’s kids, hula hoops are good fun and great exercise. See who can hula hoop the longest. Skip through a hula hoop like you’re jumping rope. Set up an obstacle course. Create stations with different tasks such as hula for 10 spins, spin two hoops on your arms, jump through a hoop held by another person.
6. Make a dream catcher.
7. Spend a day at the park for a picnic and play, be sure to bring a large umbrella for shade for sit under a big tree🌳🌳!
8. Game time! Remember Duck Duck Goose and Red Rover? Send summer fun right over!
9. Toss a Frisbee around.
10. Have fun with games on paper: Tic-tac-toe, Hangman, Dots and Boxes.
11. Build a tree house or fort.
12. Play a round of Marco Polo or water volleyball in the pool.
13. Make arts and crafts projects with Popsicle sticks.
14. Have a thumb wrestling match.
15. Organize a backyard carnival🎪🎟 to raise money for a charity. Play games like coin toss, balloon stomp, pin the nose on the clown, or guess how many jelly beans in a jar. Kick off your event with a neighborhood parade with bikes, wagons, scooters and strollers.
16. Start a collection—shells🐚, trading cards, rocks, postcards.
17. Grill hot dogs for dinner, then make s’mores over the warm coals.
18. Go roller skating, indoors or outdoors.

19. Go bowling.
20. Play hopscotch.
21. Learn to Juggle.
22. Chill out with icy treats. Make homemade ice pops by freezing juice or flavored drinks in a plastic freezer mold.
23. Pull out the jump rope, and give it a spin.
24. Before television had 999 channels, kids whiled away summer hours with just a deck of cards. Play a couple hands of Crazy Eights, Go Fish, Concentration, UNO, Slapjack or Spoons.
25. Water balloons!
26. For lunch, have the children dress as chefs and play a good game of restaurant!
27. See how fast you can win at jacks.
28. Set up a lemonade stand.
29. Nothing says summer like a leisurely bike ride.
30. Lost your marbles? Find them at any toy store, and see if you still have the knack.
31. Walk the dog … around the world! Get instructions for these and other easy yo-yo tricks at
32. Play with bubbles! Make your own bubbles with Bubble Science that will produce gigantic bubbles.
33. Have a watermelon 🍉seed spitting contest.
34. Summer sing-alongs. Remember belting out this camp favorite? “Great green gobs of greasy, grimy gopher guts. Mutilated monkey meat. Little birdies’ dirty feet.”
35. Strike up a kazoo band.
36. Make and outfit your own paper dolls.
37. Build a castle in the sun⛱. On your next trip to the beach, pack buckets, cups, spoons, spatulas or other kitchen utensils to transform sand into a castle, a rocket ship, a car or other sculpture.
38. Play a game of horseshoes, croquet or bocce ball.
39. You’re it! There are as many versions of tag as there are families in Savannah. Visit Wikipedia for a list of more than 50 different games.
40. Make suntan tattoos. Cut a small shape, such as a heart, star or butterfly, out of sticky paper (such as an office label) and affix it to your skin. After a few hours in the sun (even with sunscreen), the skin under the sticker will be a lighter shade than the skin that was exposed.
41. Camp out in your backyard.
42. Sway in a hammock.
43. Watch a sunset.
44. Take a Heads or Tails road trip. Every time you get to an inter-section, flip a coin to see if you’re going right (heads) or left (tails).
45. Go fishing🎣.
46. Play Leap Frog. Visit for jump rope rhymes.
47. Play charades.
48. Spend a rainy summer afternoon playing board games or putting together a jigsaw puzzle.
49. Have a tea party.
50. Try to set a world record.🏆 Visit the Guinness World Records website to see what sounds fun.