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Winter Family Time!

Winter Family Time!

Oh what a wonderful time of year it is?! What a wonderful timeeeeee!

Hello family dinners, cozy socks, snuggle time and chilly weather!

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First, let us disclose a couple of things about the Excellent Nanny Service. We are based in Savannah, Georgia but service different cities all over the United States, so our nannies are accustom to various weather conditions. It is our mission to provide honest, trustworthy nannies that share the same values as the Excellent Nanny Service.

Having fun as a family is vital, but creating an everlasting bond takes importance. Without being able to forge those bonds, winter time activities have no substance. Keeping that in mind, here are a couple of suggestions that will make the winter a memorable one for all of the family members involved.

Christmas movies! Grinch me please! Watching endless Christmas movies, paired with some good food, hot chocolate, blankets, and all the family around the tv is a perfect way to spend some days (and nights!) with the family. Here is a list of Christmas movies on Netflix:

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Christmas lights! Please please please! Haven’t you ever wondered who has the best lights in the city? Drive around and look at all the decorations and don’t forget the car snacks along the way.

Baking! Christmas cookies, gingerbread houses, frosted pretzel rods, and even fruitcakes are the way to go. Instead of buying gifts for people this holiday season, try giving out baked goods to grandma and grandpa.

Create an event calendar! Giving your children something to look forward to every day is a great idea, not only that, but making it together will give you that bonding time you’ve been looking for.

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Visit Santa! Heyyy Saint Nick! Go to your local mall to see when Santa will be there and pose with him to make a great holiday card. There are even local Christmas parades to go and see Santa in all of his glory. Pssttt! He might even have some elves with him.

Host a holiday party! Do I hear ugly Christmas sweater theme? Go ahead and host the holiday party that gives everyone a chance to get together. Have contests, sing, laugh and exchange gifts. It’s the perfect time to see everyone at once and spread that seasonal love.

Volunteer! Don’t forget to give back into the community during this joyous time in the year. Giving back is a great way to be reminded that everyone doesn’t have the same things we sometimes take for granted. Go volunteer at your local soup kitchen, donate clothes, build a house with Habitat for Humanity, register people to vote, organize games and activities for children in hospitals or homeless shelters, and why stop there?! The opportunities are endless!

Make homemade presents! DIY hot-chocolate kit? Yes! Need we say more? Here is the link:

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Starbright Charity by Excellent Nanny Service

“Make a child smile and the rest is taken care of,” the words of Denise Willis as she hands the precious little girl her Christmas gift.

Thousands of children each year spend their holidays in the hospital and it is heartbreaking. Starbright Charity’s goal is to bring joy to those children and their parents in these not-so-wonderful times. If you would like to make a charitable donation please email


Happy Holidays!


Working from Home With A Baby

Whenever I tell people I work from home, I get a variation of the same reaction. “That’s amazing!” they say. And, it’s true. It is amazing. After working my entire adult life in an office, the last few years of working from home (a few days per week or otherwise) have been great. I no longer have to deal with a horrendous commute that wipes me — and my wallet — out; I miss very little when it comes to my

1- and 3-year-olds; and, if I so choose, I could attend a meeting in sweatpants and a pit-stained t-shirt. Wins all around.

That said, as with many things in life, working from home isn’t without it’s own set of challenges…particularly when there’s a baby there at the same time!

Here are the six craziest things about working from home with a baby.

1. Naps are unpredictable. “I’m just going to send out all of my TPS reports during the baby’s nap, which always is exactly from 10 to 12:30!” If you can utter such words, I envy you. With my 1-year-old, naps are always a crap shoot. One day, he’ll sleep for three hours, the next, 45 minutes. Of course, I allot this time to get things done for work, but sometimes I don’t have the time to squeeze it all in during that period… which means more work for later.

2. Trying to email/type/think/read with a baby is, quite simply, Crazy Town. A few days a week, I have a babysitter come, and truth be told, that’s when a good chunk of my work gets done. But before she comes, I often try to sneak in a few things, such as answering emails or getting my day organized — try being the operative word. I don’t know too many 1-year-olds who are cool hanging out by themselves while their parents toil away on their laptops. So, pretty much, there’s no “working” that goes on when my son is awake or the sitter isn’t here (despite what many people think!).

3. The crying. When the babysitter is here, there’s naturally crying that happens sometimes, because babies. Trying to focus on a piece I’m writing or speaking on the phone with an editor isn’t the easiest when it’s against the backdrop of your baby’s vocal stylings.

4. The laughing. And then of course there’s the laughing. No doubt, a baby’s laugh is a brilliant, amazing thing to hear — the best sound in the world! But when you hear it and you’re locked away in your room trying to get things done, it’s a little sad. Womp-womp.

5. The guilt! Oh, Mom Guilt, why do you manage to rear your ugly head whatever the situation? When I worked out of the house, I felt guilty for working out of the house. And now that I work from home — where my son also happens to reside — I feel guilty for being home and not spending time with him. Something about being in the same place as him while working makes it almost feel like I’m lying about working. Please tell me Mom Guilt ends at some point. It’s maddening!

6. No one likes working in a big ol’ baby mess. I don’t know about you, but I think much better when I’m in a clean, organized space. And being that my “office” also happens to be my sweet baby’s, well, house, I often find myself trying to quickly tidy and clean up before hunkering down to work — which of course eats into my work day, tacking on more work time at the end of the night.

But, yes, I know: Things could be worse. And the fact that the little dude who often interrupts me is, in my opinion, ridiculously cute certainly helps.

Do you work from home with a baby?