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Rain & Snow Day Crafts and Activities, Oh My!

Kids Crafts

Are you stuck in the house on a bad weather day?

Is it too cold to go outside, or maybe you don’t want to get drenched in the rain?

On top of that, do you have little ones?!

No worries! The Excellent Nanny Service is here for you! We have some rainy day and snow in day crafts and activities for the whole family to do.

Board games! Hello?! Monopoly! Sorry! Connect Four! Life! The list of amazing and timeless games do not cease there. Bring out some friendly competition and see who still has it after you brush the dust off of your board games. It’s a great and healthy way to embrace the competitive nature in everyone and see who will come out reigning supreme!


How about bringing the kids into the kitchen for some baking?! This is a great time to share one of those family recipes in the cookbooks, or just mix some box brownies, precut cookies, or bake a cake! It’ll get messy for sure, but it’ll all be worth it when you see how much fun everyone is having around the kitchen and laughing.

Reading is fundamental, but you can also make it fun! By doing this and reading one of the kids favorite books, it’ll keep them entertained all while being productive. They’ll learn something and be engaged the whole time, or at least part of it.

Back in the kitchen we go for this next idea! Cooking a meal together! Cooking together teaches teamwork, discipline, and patience. Not only that, but it shows how to listen to one another to reach a common goal. Why not gather in the kitchen to cook something easy that everyone would like? Spaghetti, or any kind of pasta really can be made quick and easy. You can make any kind of homemade soup, nachos, salad, hamburges, and the list goes on, but let’s not forget about homemade pizza!

Hello photos! Make a scrapbook and collage out of those photos just lying around with no home. It’ll be quite a trip down memory lane and you’ll have fun with the kids. You never know what they might have to say or questions that might arise! This is also a great time to intertwine a little bit of a family history lesson while doing this activity. It never hurts to learn!

Do I hear a spa day?! What better way than for everyone to pamper themselves in the house?! But out the robes, fingernail polish, face masks, cucumbers (for your eyes), and play some soft music. Not only will it get your little one to be in a calm state, but they’ll really enjoy being pampered.


Finally, movie day! Why not spend the day snuggled up under blankets indulging in the best family movies that you call your favorite?! It’s a win-win for everyone and what great bonding time it’ll be for everyone. Make some hot chocolate, pop some popcorn and curl up in front of the tv while everyone enjoys togetherness! It’ll be one of the best decisions you’ve ever made!

We hope this list helped! Who doesn’t like spending time with their loved ones?! Let’s not forget, that most of the time, it does not matter what you do with your little ones but just that you’re with them. Whatever you decide to do, whether it be going out into the snow and enjoying winter, or spending the day in museums, or even being inside the house, your kids just want to spend time with you.

Why don’t you tell us some of your favorite things to do when you can’t go outside?!

What Makes A Great Nanny

What makes a great nanny?
When hiring a nanny many parents can feel that interviews are not an effective way of being able to discern whether the people they are meeting with are really trustworthy. But there are a few key ways to tell if a nanny is the right fit for your family.

A great nanny is someone who has decided to make full time care of children a professional career because she genuinely loves children. As Denise says, after having worked as a nanny for twenty years, “Knowing that I have contributed to a whole family’s life by being a major resource to parents who are entrusting their babies and children to me is very personally fulfilling.”
A great nanny wants to know all the details of how the parents like things to be done and will also provide plenty of details on what she does with the children when the parents are out. Emily is mother to two girls Grace and Ashlyn says of her three best nannies, “Our communication was unreal – we would each provide stories about what the girls got into to, sharing the laughs as well as the challenges.” Other nannies may be asked to provide a formal record such as Carrie who keeps a daily diary for the parents of the children she looks after. “Each day I write sleep times, what they ate, what we did and if anything in particular happened such as if any new words are spoken.”
A great nanny always lets the parents know where the children are and can be contacted at all times. Sheila the mother to four year old Carrington was upset when her nanny took her daughter out for the day and didn’t get home until after 7pm but did not call to say she was running late.
A great nanny will tidy up after the children she looks after throughout the day and won’t need to be asked to do so, although any other chores and household tasks may need to be requested to be done by the parents. Emily says “I was very clear when hiring my nannies that the girls washing and cooking was integral to their care and that I expected them to do this whilst the girls were sleeping. I also stressed the importance of initiative and seeing what else might need doing.”
A great nanny will have a plan to act in an emergency and will ideally be trained in CPR or be willing to learn. Sarah, a first time mother says, “My nanny and I were both much more comfortable knowing she had CPR certification, me because I was a nervous new mom and her because she wanted to ensure I felt safe leaving my son in her care so trust could develop.”
A great nanny has a basic understanding of the different stages of child development, is able to care for babies, toddlers or older children and knows how to integrate play, learning and fun. Emily says “The three best nannies I’ve had made every day activities educational – like sorting the washing into colors, measuring ingredients for cooking, counting the steps on the way to walking to the park.”
A great nanny is respectful of her family’s privacy and is sensitive to any personal issues that may arise. Brandy, a mom to three year old Mason and two year old Jasmine says, “I was suffering from severe post-natal depression and it became evident I needed help. I sought my nanny’s advice often as she had been a nanny for over ten years and she assisted with weaning from breast to bottle, potty training and dealing with nightmares.”
A great nanny is very rarely late and offers as much notice as possible on sick days. “Our last au pair did a ‘runner’ one Thursday night and we had to find emergency childcare. Since then we have not had another,” says Sheila.
A great nanny has plenty of energy and can keep up with the children she looks after. Emily says “I once had a fill in nanny who was a little bit lazy and happy to just watch TV – she wasn’t very outdoorsy. It helps to set clear ground rules from the start.”
A great nanny understands the importance of nutrition for children and can prepare simple meals. Sheila found she had to verbalize this to make herself clear. “I started asking our nannies not to take Carrington to McDonalds after our second au pair took her all the time.”
A great nanny knows when to speak up about anything that may affect the wellbeing of the children she looks after but always remembers the parents have the final say. Emily says, “The nannies and I always agreed that whoever was in the room with the children was the boss. But I would set the routines and standards and what types of behaviors were okay and the nanny would reinforce these.”
A great nanny has excellent references and will seek to maintain lifelong relationships with the families she works for. Denise says, “When you start looking after a child from when they are a newborn to the time they go off to school you have been through every transition, every milestone and every experience with them. Some of the parents and children I have worked for have stayed in contact years after caring for their children and we still catch up.”