Babysitter Savannah

My twins are now 5 years old and wonderful!  When they were born premature and then came home from the hospital a couple months later; I was exhausted and overwhelmed!  My husband and I found Denise to be a “night nanny” who saved the day!  She spent the night once or twice a week when I started back to work and took care of their every need and loved them…even when one was on a heart monitor.  Looking back I don’t think I would have made it through without that blissful night of solid, uninterrupted sleep, knowing they were in good hands.  I would recommend Denise in a heartbeat.”

  • Meghan Sumptin


Denise was so helpful with providing a nanny for my newborn twins.  She was willing to do whatever I needed and even watched the twins overnight so I could sleep.  She helped me take them doctor appointments and watched them like a hawk when they were sick.  I couldn’t have gotten through the first few months without her.”

  • Jordan & Heidi Noim


My son was born with G6PD. You ask what that is?  We didn’t know either, but with the help of Denise not only did we find out it was a genetic disorder but also how to treat it, handle my son’s episodes and care for his special dietary and physical needs. Denise stayed with us through the whole “learning” experience and still remains a part of the family six years later. My son is now a happy, healthy and active boy. I thank the Creator everyday for bringing Denise into our lives when we needed it the most. She cared for him as if he was his omen and even helped with my older son. I love her and I know for certain she will be a great teacher to other nannies and an asset to a future family. She is a person you would want to live with your family forever.

  • Anonymous


Denise is incredible and your service has been extremely helpful! We had some initial bad experiences searching for a nanny on our own so we only wish we would’ve discovered your service much sooner, you made the process so much easier and you see, we wanted to offer the job to the very first person you recommended! We will certainly use your help again, if the need arises, but hopefully our nanny will stay forever and so we won’t need to!

  • The Walton Family & Baby Chris


We can’t thank you enough for all of your help. As first time parents, we know we haven’t been the easiest clients to work with but you never made us feel that way by always being there to answer our questions, guide us and direct us.  We realize now that we had no real idea of what we needed or wanted and you helped us to understand our needs and hire a wonderful nanny who our baby already adores.

  • Carrie Parsons